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Parietaria judiaca L.[FNA3, HC2]

Publication: Fl. Palaest. 32.

Origin: Introduced from Africa and Eurasia

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Recently collected in King Co. (Jacobson et al. 2001).

FNA3: "Parietaria judaica , which, in North America, is most abundant in scattered localities in California, is the only long-lived perennial species of Parietaria in the flora. Because of confusion in Europe over the correct name, plants in North America have been called P . judaica , P . officinalis of authors, not Linnaeus, P . officinalis var. erecta (Mertens & Koch) Weddell, and P . officinalis var. diffusa (Mertens & Koch) Weddell. For a clarification of the nomenclature and taxonomy of this complex, see C.C. Townsend (1968).

Parietaria judaica was first reported from Louisiana as P . diffusa Mertens & Koch, another name commonly used on herbarium specimens (J.W. Thieret 1969)."

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