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Poa leptocoma Trin.[FNA24, HC, HC2]
marsh blue grass

Publication: Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. St.-Pétersbourg, Sér. 6, Sci. Math. 1(4): 374. 1830.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Poa leptocoma grows around lakes and ponds and along streams, in subalpine and alpine to low arctic habitats, in western North America from Alaska to California and New Mexico, and on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. It often grows with or near P. reflexa, from which it differs in its more scabrous panicle branches, shorter anthers, glabrous or pectinately ciliate palea keels, and preference for wet sites. The two also differ in their ploidy level, P. leptocoma being hexaploid, and P. reflexa tetraploid. It differs from P. paucispicula in its more scabrous panicle branches, narrower glumes and lemmas, and its more sparsely hairy calluses and lemmas. Although its chloroplast haplotype is similar to that of species in sect. Oreinos, its ITS sequence is distinct and resembles that of P. paucispicula."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Poa leptocoma Trin. var. leptocoma[HC]