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Poa secunda J. Presl ssp. juncifolia (Scribn.) Soreng[FNA24, HC2]
alkali bluegrass, big bluegrass, Nevada bluegrass

Publication: Phytologia 71(5): 401 [1992]. 1991.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Poa secunda subsp. juncifolia is usually more robust than subsp. secunda, and generally inhabits moister and sometimes saline habitats. It comprises two fairly distinct variants: a robust upland variant that is frequently used for revegetation (P. ampla Merr., Big Bluegrass) that grows in deep, rich, montane soils; and a riparian and wet meadow variant (P. juncifolia Scribn., Alkali Bluegrass). Apart from generally having glabrous lemmas, short ligules on the vegetative shoots, and leaf blades that hold their form better, P. secunda subsp. juncifolia differs anatomically in the predominance of sinuous-walled, rectangular long cells in the blade epidermis; smooth-walled, fusiform long cells are predominant in P. secunda subsp. secunda. Plants with glabrous lemmas and long ligules on the vegetative shoots have been called P. nevadensis Vasey ex Scribn.; they are intermediate between the subspecies. Chromosome numbers for P. secunda subsp. juncifolia center on 2n = 63, indicating a high degree of apomixis."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Poa ampla Merr.
Poa brachyglossa Piper
Poa confusa Rydb.
Poa juncifolia Scribn.[HC]
Poa juncifolia Scribn. ssp. porteri D.D. Keck
Poa juncifolia Scribn. var. ampla (Merr.) Dorn
Poa nevadensis Vasey ex Scribn.[HC]
Poa nevadensis Vasey ex Scribn. var. juncifolia (Scribn.) Beetle