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Ranunculus californicus Benth. var. californicus[FNA3, HC2]
California buttercup

Publication: Pl. Hartw. 295. 1849.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA3: "In addition to the range given, localized populations of Ranunculus californicus have been reported recently from a few islands in the vicinity of Victoria (British Columbia and Washington) (M. F. Denton 1978; T. C. Brayshaw 1989). Those populations are small and introgress freely with R . occidentalis wherever they come together. Denton referred her specimens to R . californicus var. cuneatus ; Brayshaw reported both varieties from the same small populations, but his data are consistent with populations of R . californicus var. cuneatus that are introgressing extensively with R . occidentalis . Although both Denton and Brayshaw treat R . californicus as a native species in that region, several reasons support the belief that it is introduced there. No reports of R . californicus in the area occur prior to 1978, although the area is quite well collected (especially Victoria, B. C. and the San Juan Islands, Washington); a long history of extensive marine trade between Victoria and San Francisco has resulted in the introduction of a number of other California species to the area; and for scattered small populations of R . californicus to have persisted for long periods in the face of free introgression from R . occidentalis seems unlikely. Given the small population size and the introgression from R . occidentalis , it is questionable whether R . californicus can persist in the area."


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» Denton, M. F. 1978. Ranunculus californicus, a new record for the state of Washington. MadroƱo 25: 132.
Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Ranunculus californicus Benth. var. austromontanus L.D. Benson
Ranunculus californicus Benth. var. gratus Jeps.
Ranunculus californicus Benth. var. rugulosus (Greene) L.D. Benson