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Redfieldia flexuosa (Thurb. ex A. Gray) Vasey[FNA25, HC2]
blowout grass

Publication: Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 14: 133. 1887.

Origin: Introduced from central United States

selected vouchers: Not at WTU; WS?

Notes: FNA25: "Redfieldia flexuosa grows on sand hills and dunes. It is a common and important soil binder in blowout areas and has been planted for that purpose beyond its native range. It is only fair livestock forage but, because it grows in areas subject to blowout, this should not be of concern."

Not in H&C
Reported as an introduction in Washington for erosion control by Hatch (2003).


» Hatch, S. L. 2003. Redfieldia Vasey, p. 41 in: Barkworth, M. E., K. M. Capels, S. Long, and M. B. Piep, eds. 2003. Flora of North America North of Mexico. Volume 25 Magnoliophyta: Commelinidae (in part): Poaceae, part 2. Oxford University Press, New York.
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