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Saxifraga cespitosa L. [FNA8]
tufted or tufted alpine saxifrage

Origin: Native

Voucher: WTU (view specimen records)

Notes: FNA8: "The North American representatives of Saxifraga cespitosa are very variable. It seems futile at this time to recognize any of the infrapecific taxa that have been described, although five are frequently distinguished as either subspecies or varieties. Expressions of all of the purported distinguishing characters overlap or have little apparent geographic or ecologic correlation. The only Southern Hemisphere representatives of Saxifraga are closely related to S. cespitosa."


Photo © Jim Riley
(from WTU Image Collection)

Taxon treatment authored by David Giblin; last updated 10/19/2009 by David Giblin
Muscaria caespitosa (L.) Haw.
Saxifraga caespitosa L.   [KZ99]
[Orthographic variant of S. cespitosa. Variable taxa; PBC3 simply lists a single species with no varieties, calls the varieties synonyms and says there is no adequate treatment to distinguish varieties.]
Saxifraga caespitosa L. ssp. caespitosa    [KZ99]
Saxifraga caespitosa L. ssp. eucaespitosa Engl. & Irmsch.
Saxifraga caespitosa L. var. emarginata (Small) Rosendahl   [H&C]
Saxifraga caespitosa L. var. lemmonii Engl. & Irmsch.
Saxifraga caespitosa L. var. subgemmifera (Engl. & Irmsch.) C.L. Hitchc.   [H&C]

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