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Saxifraga hyperborea R. Br.[FNA8, HC2]
pygmy saxifrage

Publication: Chlor. Melvill. 16. 1823.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA8: "Reports of Saxifraga hyperborea from Mount Washington, New Hampshire (e.g., Á. Löve and D. Löve 1964) require confirmation; all specimens examined from this location appear to be S. rivularis. C. L. Hitchcock (1961) treated all western material as S. debilis, including that of the Pacific Northwest that is included here. For Colorado, W. A. Weber (1990) appears to have applied the name S. rivularis to what we call S. hyperborea, and S. hyperborea subsp. debilis to what we call S. debilis. P. K. Holmgren and N. H. Holmgren (1997) included under their broad concept of S. rivularis both S. hyperborea and S. debilis, noting that the plants had gone usually under the latter name. Both species are present in the Rockies and the Intermountain Region."

References: (none)

Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Saxifraga debilis Engelm. ex A. Gray, misapplied[FNA8, HC]
Saxifraga flexuosa Sternb.
Saxifraga rivularis L., misapplied[FNA8, KZ99, WNHP]
Saxifraga rivularis L. ssp. hyperborea (R. Br.) Dorn
Saxifraga rivularis L. var. flexuosa (Sternb.) Engl. & Irmscher
Saxifraga rivularis L. var. hyperborea (R. Br.) Hook.
Saxifraga rivularis L. var. purpurascens Lange