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Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl.[FNA25, HC2]
saltmeadow cordgrass

Publication: Descr. Gram. 55. 1817.

Origin: Introduced from the Atlantic Coast of North America

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA25: "Spartina patens grows in coastal salt and brackish waters. It is native to the east coast of North and Central America, extending through the Caribbean Islands to the north coast of South America, but is now established at scattered locations on the west coast of Canada and the United States. On the east coast, it is usually one of the dominant components of coastal salt marshes, frequently extending from the dry, sandy beach above the intertidal zone well up into the drier portions of the marshes. The older inland collections are from areas associated with brine deposits or saline soils, but there is some indication that the species range is increasing inland because of the use of salt to de-ice roads in winter.

The inflorescence of Spartina patens is similar to that of S. bakeri when young, but its inflorescence branches usually diverge at maturity, whereas those of S. bakeri remain appressed.

Spartina patens is probably one of the parents of S. √ócaespitosa, S. pectinata being the other. Unlike S. √ócaespitosa, S. patens grows in both disturbed and undisturbed habitats."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl. var. juncea (Michx.) Hitchc.
Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl. var. monogyna (M.A. Curtis) Fernald