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Stephanomeria tenuifolia (Raf.) H.M. Hall[FNA19, HC, HC2]
wire lettuce, narrowleaf stephanomeria

Publication: Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 3: 256. 1907.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA19: "Stephanomeria tenuifolia is distributed over an immense region and is the most widespread species of the genus. It shows remarkable variability in the form and dimensions of its stems and branches. Plants described as S. myrioclada, from the northeasternmost corner of Nevada, present an architecture of relatively numerous, almost threadlike, densely crowded stems (1.5–4 dm) and branches with an irregularly dichotomous pattern. Continuous variation occurs from this form to another in the same region and elsewhere in which the stems are longer (3–7 dm), sparingly branched, and flexuous. The extreme variability in vegetative architecture may be adaptive and deserves further study."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Stephanomeria minor (Hook.) Nutt. var. minor
Stephanomeria tenuifolia (Raf.) H.M. Hall var. myrioclada (D.C. Eaton) Cronquist[HC]
Stephanomeria tenuifolia (Raf.) H.M. Hall var. tenuifolia[HC]