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Suaeda calceoliformis (Hook.) Moq.[FNA4, HC2]
paiuteweed, common seablite, horned seablite, pahute weed

Publication: Chenop. Monogr. Enum. 128. 1840.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Found in coastal salt marshes and inland. Similar to Suaeda occidentalis, differing only in floral bracts and branching pattern. McNeill et al. (1977) discuss the misapplication of the name Suaeda depressa for this plant.

FNA4: "The name Suaeda depressa has been misapplied to this species (J. McNeill et al. 1977). In the northeastern part of its range, S. calceoliformis was long known as S. americana, but the two were found to be conspecific (I. J. Bassett and C. W. Crompton 1978). Suaeda calceoliformis can easily be confused with S. occidentalis, with which it is sympatric in the Great Basin; see comments under S. occidentalis. Plants of the annual Mexican seepweed, S. mexicana (Standley) Standley also are similar to S. calceoliformis, but are more or less shiny, yellowish or light brown, and have opposite leaves at the base and alternate ones distally. Suaeda mexicana has been reported once (in 1895) from El Paso County, Texas, but no specimens have been located to substantiate the report."


» Bassett, I. J. and C. W. Crompton. 1978. The genus Suaeda (Chenopodiaceae) in Canada. Canadian Journal of Botany 56: 581-591.
» McNeill, J, I. J. Bassett, and C. W. Crompton. 1977. Suaeda calceoliformis, the correct name for Suaeda depressa auct. Rhodora 79: 133-138.
Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Chenopodium calceoliformis Hook.
Suaeda americana (Pers.) Fernald
Suaeda depressa (Pursh) S. Watson, misapplied[HC]
Suaeda depressa (Pursh) S. Watson var. erecta S. Watson
Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort., misapplied[FNA4, HC, HC2]
Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. ssp. maritima, misapplied