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Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell [H&C]
mountain kittentails

Origin: Native

Voucher: WTU (view specimen records)

Notes: HC does not recognize var. or ssp. but suggests some should be recognized.


Photo © Jim Riley
(from WTU Image Collection)

Taxon treatment authored by Fred Weinmann; last updated 8/6/2012 by David Giblin
Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell ssp. missurica    [KZ99]
Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell ssp. stellata (Pennell) Kartesz & Gandhi   [KZ99]
Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell var. major (Hook.) Pennell ex R.J. Davis

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