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Vahlodea atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Fr. ex Hartm.[FNA24, HC2]
arctic-hair grass

Publication: Handb. Skand. Fl. (ed. 4) 30. 1843.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Vahlodea atropurpurea grows in moist to wet, open woods, forest edges, streamsides, snowbeds, and meadows, in montane to alpine and subarctic habitats. Plants from northwestern North America tend to have wider, more pubescent leaves and shorter lemma hairs than those elsewhere. They are sometimes treated as a distinct taxon, but the variation is continuous."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Aira atropurpurea Wahlenb.
Deschampsia atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Scheele[HC]
Deschampsia atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Scheele var. latifolia (Hook.) Scribn. ex Macoun[HC]
Deschampsia atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Scheele var. paramushirensis Kudô
Deschampsia atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Scheele var. payettii Lepage
Deschampsia pacifica Tatew. & Ohwi
Vahlodea atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Fr. ex Hartm. ssp. latifolia (Hook.) A.E. Porsild
Vahlodea atropurpurea (Wahlenb.) Fr. ex Hartm. ssp. paramushirensis (Kudô) Hultén
Vahlodea flexuosa (Honda ex Nakai) Ohwi
Vahlodea latifolia (Hook.) Hultén