A Bizarre New Species of Frogfish of the Genus Histiophryne (Lophiiformes: Antennariidae)

from Ambon and Bali, Indonesia


Theodore W. Pietsch, Rachel J. Arnold, and David J. Hall

Copeia, 2009(1):37−45, 18 February 2009



        In situ videos taken at Ambon Island, April 2008, by Mike Veitch,
        http://oceanstockimages.com; courtesy of Andy Shorten and Maluku Divers,
        Ambon, Indonesia, http://www.divingmaluku.com

Full Face View Resting Behavior
Full face 
(33 seconds)
Resting behavior 
(55 seconds)
Yawning and coughing 1 
(56 seconds)
Yawning and coughing 2 
(51 seconds)
Benthic locomotion 1
(66 seconds)
Benthic locomotion 2 
(67 seconds)
Benthic locomotion 3 
(75 seconds)
Pelagic locomotion 
(62 seconds)
Full Movie
Large juvenile specimen 
(36 seconds)
Tiny juvenile 
(41 seconds)
Fertilized egg cluster 
(65 seconds)
Full video
(19 minutes and 136 mb)