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  Leptoconus illawarra Garrard, 1961.


Garrard, T. A., 1961. Mollusca Collected by M. V. "Challenge" off the East Coast of Australia. Journal of the Malacological Society of Australia, 5: 3 -38 .The original work for this citation is available in PDF format but cannot be downloaded electronically because of copyright restrictions

New Species-Group Names:

  • advertex Garrard, 1961. p. 30. pl. 1. f. 1.
  • illawarra Garrard, 1961. p. 31. pl. 1. f. 2.  View Species Images
  • minnamurra Garrard, 1961. p. 32. pl. 1. f. 4a. b. View Species Description  View Species Images
  • wallangra Garrard, 1961. p. 29. pl. 1. f. 3. View Species Description

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