Covers mushrooms and other non-lichenized fungi that form multicellular fruiting bodies large enough to be seen with the unaided eye.

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Spring king (Boletus rex-veris)
Ashen knight (Tricholoma virgatum)
Blue knight (Albatrellus flettii)
Booted knight (Tricholoma focale)
Distribution: T. focale is very common in the PNW, occurring under conifers in low-nutrient soils.
Deceiving knight (Tricholoma sejunctum)
Girdled knight (Tricholoma cingulatum)
Matt knight (Tricholoma imbricatum)
Orange knight (Tricholoma aurantium)
Poplar knight (Tricholoma populinum)
Scaly knight (Tricholoma vaccinum)
Distribution: Widely in Northern Hemisphere
Habitat: Growth with conifers, especially spruce
Scented knight (Tricholoma apium)
Soapy knight (Tricholoma saponaceum)
Sulphur knight (Tricholoma sulphureum)
Distribution: widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere
Habitat: under both hardwoods and conifers.
Yellowing knight (Tricholoma scalpturatum)
Kurokawa (Boletopsis leucomelaena)
Kurotake (Boletopsis leucomelaena)