Covers mushrooms and other non-lichenized fungi that form multicellular fruiting bodies large enough to be seen with the unaided eye.

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Scientific names beginning with A:
Abortiporus biennisblushing rosette
Agaricus altipestall stem Agaricus
Agaricus arvensishorse Agaricus, horse mushroom, prairie mushroom
Agaricus augustusgiant Agaric, horse Agaric, prince Agaricus, the prince
Habitat: Found in particularly in well watered areas under cedars and in disturbed areas, such as campgrounds or along trails or roads.
Agaricus bernardiisalt-loving Agaricus, salt-loving mushroom
Agaricus bisporuschampignon, button mushroom, commercial mushroom, cultivated mushroom
Agaricus bitorquisbanded Agaric, spring Agaric, urban Agaric, banded Agaricus, spring Agaricus, urban Agaricus, pavement mushroom, sidewalk mushroom, tork
Agaricus campestrismeadow Agaricus, pink bottom, champignon, common field mushroom, hot-bed mushroom, meadow mushroom
Distribution: Worldwide
Habitat: Found in fields or pastures, especially those rich in manure
Agaricus comtulussmall slender Agaricus
Agaricus diminutivusdiminutive Agaricus
Agaricus hondensisfelt-ringed Agaricus, felt-ringed mushroom
Habitat: Occurs primarily in forests, seems to be restricted to the Pacific Coast, and is more common in California than it is in the PNW.
Agaricus inapertusmountain gastroid Agaricus
Agaricus micromegethusanise Agaricus
Agaricus purpurelluspurple Agaricus
Agaricus semotuswine Agaricus, rosy wood mushroom, yellow-bulbed mushroom
Agaricus silvaticusred-staining Agaricus, blushing wood mushroom, forest mushroom, red-staining mushroom, scaly wood mushroom, sylvan mushroom
Agaricus silvicolaforest Agaric, sylvan Agaric, woodland Agaricus, woods Agaricus, sylvan mushroom, wood mushroom
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Forests and woodlands
Agaricus subrutilescenswine-colored Agaric, wine-colored Agaricus, woolly-stemmed Agaricus, woolly-stem
Agaricus vaporariusclustered mushroom
Agrocybe erebialeather earthscale, dark fieldcap
Agrocybe pediadescommon Agrocybe, hemispheric Agrocybe, common fieldcap
Agrocybe praecoxspring Agrocybe, spring fieldcap
Agrocybe putaminummulch fieldcap
Origin: Introduced
Albatrellus avellaneus
Distribution: Albatrellus avellaneus is a coastal species extending from California northward into Canada.
Habitat: Occur on soil, litter, or wood and is associated with western hemlock and Sitka spruce.
Albatrellus caeruleoporusblue-pored polypore
Albatrellus dispansus
Habitat: A. dispansus occurs in montane mixed conifer forests, sometimes associated with woody debris or buried wood.
Albatrellus ellisiiscaly yellow polypore
Albatrellus flettiiblue knight, blue-capped polypore, Flett's polypore
Albatrellus ovinussheep polypore
Albatrellus syringae
Habitat: Northern forests.
Substrate: Terrestrial, on roots.
Alboleptonia sericella
var. lutescens – little white Leptonia, cream pinkgill
Aleuria aurantiagreat orange elf-cup, orange fairy-cup, orange peel fungus, orange-peel fungus, orange-peel
Distribution: A. aurantia is widespread in the Northern Hemisphere.
Spores: spores are ellipsoid, 13--24 x 7.5--10 ┬Ám
Aleurodiscus farlowii
Distribution: Northern North America.
Habitat: On recently-dead twigs of living conifers. Recorded on Abies grandis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, and Tsuga canadensis.
Alloclavaria purpureapurple club coral, purple coral
Alpova alexsmithii
Group – red gravel
Amanita apricaJan's yellow friend
Habitat: Locally abundant in mixed conifer forests, particularly with Douglas-fir and occasionally occurs with conifers in urban areas.
Amanita augustayellow-veiled Amanita, western yellow-veil
Amanita calyptrodermaBallen's American Caesar, fall coccora
Amanita constrictaconstricted grisette
Amanita farinosapowder-cap Amanita
Amanita fulva
Habitat: Northern forests.
Substrate: Soil.
Amanita gemmata
Spores: Late spring or early summer
Amanita muscariafly Agaric, fly Amanita
Distribution: Broad
Amanita novinuptablusher
Amanita ocreatadeath angel, destroying angel
Amanita pachycoleawestern grisette
Amanita pantherina
Distribution: Broad
Amanita phalloidesdeath-cap, deathcap
Amanita porphyriabooted Amanita, gray-veil Amanita, grey veiled Amanita, purple brown Amanita, purplish Amanita
Habitat: Conifer forests
Amanita silvicolawestern woodland Amanita
Habitat: It occurs in conifer and mixed woods and has been reported with a variety of tree hosts including alder.
Substrate: Leaf litter and soil
Amanita smithianaSmith's Amanita
Amanita vaginatagrisette
Amaropostia stiptica
Distribution: Northern hemisphere.
Habitat: Temperate forests.
Substrate: Wood.
Ampulloclitocybe avellaneoalbasmoky-brown Clitocybe
Ampulloclitocybe clavipesclub-footed Clitocybe, club-foot
Anthracobia melalomaburn site ochre cup
Antrodia heteromorpha
Distribution: Widespread in coniferous forests. Widespread in northern hemisphere.
Habitat: Coniferous forests.
Substrate: Wood
Armillaria cepistipeshoney mushroom
Armillaria gallicabulbous honey fungus, honey mushroom
Armillaria nabsnonahoney mushroom
Armillaria ostoyaedark honey fungus, honey mushroom
Habitat: Under conifers
Armillaria sinapinahoney mushroom
Arrhenia chlorocyaneaverdigris navel
Ascocoryne sarcoidespurple jelly-drops
Asterophora lycoperdoidespowdery piggyback, powder-cap, star-bearing powdercap
Asterophora parasiticasilky piggyback
Astraeus hygrometricusbarometer earthstar, hygroscopic earthstar, water-measure earthstar
Astraeus pteridisbracken earthstar, giant hygroscopic earthstar
Atheniella aurantiidiscacandy-corn mycena
Distribution: Coniferous forests in western North America.
Habitat: Coniferous forests with Pseudotsuga, Tsuga and Pinus.
Substrate: Soil.
Aureoboletus flaviporusviscid Boletus
Auricularia auriculajelly ear, brown ear fungus, tree-ear, wood-ear
Auriscalpium vulgareear-pick fungus, ear-spoon fungus, pinecone mushroom, pinecone tooth
Habitat: Auriscalpium vulgare is found primarily on (often buried) Douglas-fir cones in the PNW. Elsewhere it can often be found on the cones of pine or occasionally spruce.