Jelly Fungi
8 genera
21 species
0 subspecies and varieties
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Auricularia auriculajelly ear, brown ear fungus, tree-ear, wood-ear
Dacrymyces chrysospermusorange jelly
Dacrymyces stillatuscommon jelly-spot
Habitat: It often occurs on cedar-board fences becoming apparent every time it rains.
Substrate: conifer wood, occasionally hardwood substrates
Exidia glandulosablack witch's butter, warty jelly fungus, black jelly roll
Exidia recisaamber jelly roll
Guepinia helvelloidesapricot jelly, apricot jelly mushroom, candied red jelly mushroom, salmon salad
Pseudohydnum gelatinosumtoothed jelly fungus, toothed jelly, white jelly mushroom, jelly false tooth, jelly tooth, toothjelly
Tremella mesentericayellow brain, witch's butter, yellow brain fungus