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Astraeus hygrometricusbarometer earthstar, hygroscopic earthstar, water-measure earthstar
Astraeus pteridisbracken earthstar, giant hygroscopic earthstar
Battarrea phalloidesdesert drumstick, flatcap stalked puffball, scaly-stalked puffball, sandy stiltball
Bovista pilatumbling puffball
Bovista plumbeagrey puffball, lead-colored puffball, tumbling puffball, tumble-ball
Calbovista subsculptasculptured giant puffball, sculptured puffball, warted giant puffball
Calvatia boonianaBoone's puffball, western giant puffball
Habitat: Sagebrush steppe and open, grassy areas
Calvatia cyathiformispurple-spored puffball, vase puffball
Calvatia fumosa
Distribution: Common in montane conifer forests during spring and summer
Calvatia giganteagiant puffball
Calvatia sculptasculptured puffball, Sierran puffball
Calvatia subcretaceasmall warted mountain puffball
Chlamydopus meyenianusdesert stalked puffball
Geastrum floriformedaisy earthstar, flower earthstar
Geastrum rufescensreddish earthstar, rosy earthstar
Geastrum saccatumbowl earthstar, rounded earthstar, sessile earthstar
Distribution: Earthstars are not particularly abundant in forested areas of the PNW. Many species are more characteristic of drier woodlands and even deserts, so the diversity of earthstars and many other gasteromycetes is much higher in the southwestern U.S. G. saccatum is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere and we have seen it, or a dead-ringer for it, in Tasmania, Australia.
Geastrum triplexcollared earthstar, saucered earthstar
Lycoperdon curtisiiCurtis' puffball
Lycoperdon dermoxanthumdwarf puffball, small tumbling puffball
Lycoperdon mollesmooth puffball, soft puffball
Lycoperdon nigrescensdark puffball, dusky puffball
Habitat: Conifer forests and alpine habitats
Lycoperdon perlatumwarted puff-ball, gem puffball, gem-studded puffball, devil's snuffbox
Habitat: L. perlatum can be found in disturbed sites, such as forest roadsides, from late summer through fall whenever there is sufficient moisture.
Lycoperdon pulcherrimumbeautiful puffball
Lycoperdon pyriformepear puffball, pear-shaped puffball, stump puffball
Distribution: Broad.
Pisolithus arhizusdead-man's-foot, dyeball, pea-rock, dye-maker's false puffball, dyemaker's puffball
Scleroderma areolatumleopard earthball, small potato
Scleroderma bovistapotato earthball
Scleroderma cepasmooth earthball
Scleroderma citrinumcommon earthball, pigskin poison puffball, thick-skinned puffball, golden Scleroderma
Vascellum lloydianumwestern lawn puffball, western lawn puffbowl