Toothed Fungi
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36 species
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Auriscalpium vulgareear-pick fungus, ear-spoon fungus, pinecone mushroom, pinecone tooth
Habitat: Auriscalpium vulgare is found primarily on (often buried) Douglas-fir cones in the PNW. Elsewhere it can often be found on the cones of pine or occasionally spruce.
Bankera fuligineoalbagrayish white Hydnum, drab tooth
Hericium abietisbear's-head
Distribution: Common in PNW
Habitat: It grows on conifer logs, especially those of fir and hemlock.
Hericium coralloidescoral tooth fungus
Hericium erinaceusbearded hedgehog, lion's mane Hericium, unbranched Hericium, lion's-mane, hedgehog mushroom, old-man's-beard, satyr's-beard, bearded tooth
Hydnellum aurantiacumorange Hydnellum, orange spine, orange rough-cap tooth, orange tooth
Distribution: Broad
Hydnellum caeruleumblue-gray Hydnellum, bluish Hydnellum, blue spine, blue tooth, bluish tooth
Distribution: Broad
Hydnellum concrescensconcrescent corky spine fungus, zonate tooth, zoned tooth
Hydnellum geogeniumyellow tooth
Hydnellum peckiibleeding Hydnellum, strawberries-and-cream, devil's tooth, red-juice tooth
Hydnellum scrobiculatumrough Hydnellum, ridged tooth
Hydnellum suaveolenssweet-smelling Hydnellum, sweet spine
Hydnum repandumyellow-toothed fungus, spreading hedgehog, wood hedgehog, hedgehog mushroom, sweet tooth
Hydnum umbilicatumnavel tooth fungus, depressed hedgehog
Phellodon atratusblack tooth
Distribution: Confined to the Pacific Coast.
Habitat: Common under Sitka spruce.
Phellodon melaleucusgray tooth
Phellodon tomentosuszoned cork Hydnum, zoned Phellodon, woolly tooth
Distribution: Common in PNW and occur elsewhere in the northern U.S., Canada, and Europe.
Habitat: Conifer forests
Sarcodon calvatusrobust hedgehog
Sarcodon fuscoindicus
Habitat: Often occurs in moss near western hemlocks.
Sarcodon imbricatushawk-wing, scaly hedgehog, shingled hedgehog, scaly tooth
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: S. imbricatus is commonly found in the conifer forests of the PNW and in either conifer or mixed forests in the rest of North America and much of Europe.
Sarcodon rimosuscracked Hydnum
Sarcodon scabrosusbitter hedgehog, scaber Hydnum, bitter tooth
Distribution: Common in PNW
Habitat: S. scabrosus occurs in conifer forests in the PNW, especially in second-growth stands of western hemlock and Douglas-fir with a salal understory.