Vascular Plants

Includes all flowering plants, conifers, ferns and fern-allies.

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Xanthium spinosumspiny clotbur, spiny cockleburr
Origin: Introduced from South America (although treated as native in CA by Jeps. Man.)
Flowers: July - October
Xanthium strumariumCanada cocklebur, common cocklebur
Distribution: Occurring chiefly east of the Cascades crest in Washington; widely distributed throughout most of North America.
Habitat: Fields, waste places, flood lanes and lake beaches.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-October
Xerophyllum tenaxbeargrass, western turkeybeard
Distribution: Occurring in the mountainous areas of Washington except in the southeastern region of the State; British Columbia south to California, east to the northern Rocky Mountains.
Habitat: Open woods and clearings, from near sea level on the Olympic Peninsula to high elevations in the Rockies.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May-August