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Chroogomphus pseudovinicolorrobust pine-spike
Chroogomphus tomentosuswoolly pine spike
Distribution: Occurs only in western North America.
Habitat: Often is found in mixed conifer forests that lack pines.
Chroogomphus vinicolorpine spike, wine-cap
Gomphidius glutinosusglutinous Gomphidius, hideous Gomphidius, slimy Gomphidius, slimy spike
Gomphidius maculatushideous Gomphidius, larch spike
Gomphidius oregonensisclustered Gomphidius, insidious Gomphidius
Gomphidius smithiiSmith's Gomphidius
Gomphidius subroseusrosy Gomphidius