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Abortiporus biennisblushing rosette
Bjerkandera adustasmoky bracket, smoky polypore
Bjerkandera fumosabig smoky bracket
Gloeoporus dichrousgelatinous pored polypore
Irpex lacteusmilk-white toothed polypore
Phlebia radiatawrinkled crust, radiating Phlebia
Phlebia tremellosatrembling Merulius, jelly rot, gelatinous woodcrust
Habitat: mainly a fall fungus and occurs on stumps, logs, and woody debris of both hardwoods and conifers
Steccherinum ochraceumochre spreading tooth
Stereopsis humphreyi
Distribution: As far as we are aware, S. humphreyi has been reported only from the west side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and the Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C. It probably also occurs in southeast Alaska and coastal Oregon and northern California; whether it occurs farther inland is less certain.