Polypody Fern Family
Grammitidaceae [FNA2]
1 genera
4 species
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Polypodium amorphumirregular polypody
Origin: Native
Polypodium glycyrrhizalicorice fern
Distribution: Both sides of the Cascades in Washington; Alaska south to California.
Habitat: Moist banks and rocks, tree trunks and logs, at low elevations
Origin: Native
Polypodium hesperiumwestern polypody
Distribution: Chiefly east of the Cascades, British Columbia to California, east to Montana, Colorado and New Mexico
Habitat: Moist cliffs, ledges and rock crevices, lowlands to mid-elevations in the mountains
Origin: Native
Polypodium scoulericoast, leathery polypody, Scouler's polypody
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia south along the coast to California.
Habitat: Cliffs and rocky outcroppings along the coast.
Origin: Native