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Aleuria aurantiagreat orange elf-cup, orange fairy-cup, orange peel fungus, orange-peel fungus, orange-peel
Distribution: A. aurantia is widespread in the Northern Hemisphere.
Spores: spores are ellipsoid, 13--24 x 7.5--10 µm
Anthracobia melalomaburn site ochre cup
Cheilymenia fimicolaeyelash dung cup
Distribution: Worldwide
Genabea cerebriformiswhite geode truffle
Genea harknessiidark geode truffle
Geopora arenosa
Distribution: Northern hemisphere.
Substrate: Soil, especially sandy or burned.
Geopora cooperiCooper's truffle, fuzzy false truffle, fuzzy truffle, pine truffle
Distribution: It is ectomycorrhizal with conifers, widely distributed, and occurs almost year-round.
Spores: long cylindrical asci, each with eight smooth, broad elliptical spores that are forcibly ejected at maturity
Geopyxis carbonariaearth box, dwarf acorn cup, pyxie cup, stalked bonfire cup
Habitat: Occurs after conifer forest fires
Spores: The spores are smooth, ellipsoid, 11--18 x 6--9 µm, and do not contain prominent oil drops.
Geopyxis vulcanalisvulcan pixie cup
Gilkeya compactared geode truffle
Humaria hemisphaericabrown-haired white cup, glazed cup, hairy fairy cup
Melastiza chaterifalse eyelash cup, red saucer
Otidea alutaceabrown clustered ear cup
Otidea concinna
Spores: The spores are smooth, ellipsoid, 10--12 x 5--6.5 µm, and contain two large oil drops.
Otidea leporinayellow ear, rabbit-ears, yellow rabbit-ears
Otidea onoticadonkey-ears, hare's-ear
Pseudaleuria quinaultiana
Distribution: So far, only found in Washington and Oregon
Spores: smooth ellipsoid spores (15.5--21.5 x 7.5--10.5 µm
Rhodotarzetta roseapink burn cup
Scutellinia scutellataeyelash cup, eyelash pixie cup, common eyelash, eyelash fungus
Sowerbyella rhenanastalked orange peel fungus
Tarzetta catinusbrown bowl fungus
Tarzetta cupulariself cup, grey goblet