Spike-Moss Family
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Selaginella douglasiiDouglas' spikemoss clubmoss, lesser clubmoss
Distribution: Abundant in the Columbia River Gorge, especially on the Oregon side, west along the river to Portland, OR, and Cowlitz County, WA; also along the Clearwater River in Idaho.
Habitat: Cliffs, banks and tree trunks in humid regions at low elevations
Origin: Native
Selaginella oreganafestoon spikemoss, Oregon spikemoss
Origin: Native
Selaginella scopulorumcliff spikemoss, Rocky Mountain spikemoss
Origin: Native
Selaginella wallaceiWallace's spikemoss
Distribution: British Columbia through central Oregon to California, east to Montana
Habitat: Exposed, terrestrial, often rocky sites, such as pocket of soil in ledges and cliffs
Origin: Native