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Agaricus altipestall stem Agaricus
Agaricus arvensishorse agaricus, horse mushroom, prairie mushroom
Agaricus augustusgiant agaric, horse agaric, prince agaricus, the prince
Habitat: Found in particularly in well watered areas under cedars and in disturbed areas, such as campgrounds or along trails or roads.
Agaricus bernardiisalt-loving agaricus, salt-loving mushroom
Agaricus bisporuschampignon, button mushroom, commercial mushroom, cultivated mushroom
Agaricus bitorquisbanded agaric, spring agaric, urban agaric, pavement mushroom, sidewalk mushroom, tork
Agaricus campestrismeadow agaricus, pink bottom, champignon, common field mushroom, hot-bed mushroom, meadow mushroom
Distribution: Worldwide
Habitat: Found in fields or pastures, especially those rich in manure
Agaricus comtulussmall slender agaricus
Agaricus diminutivusdiminutive agaricus
Agaricus hondensisfelt-ringed agaricus, felt-ringed mushroom
Habitat: Occurs primarily in forests, seems to be restricted to the Pacific Coast, and is more common in California than it is in the PNW.
Agaricus inapertusmountain gastroid Agaricus
Agaricus micromegethusanise agaricus
Agaricus purpurelluspurple agaricus
Agaricus semotuswine Agaricus, rosy wood mushroom, yellow-bulbed mushroom
Agaricus silvaticusred-staining agaricus, blushing wood mushroom, forest mushroom, red-staining mushroom, scaly wood mushroom, sylvan mushroom
Agaricus silvicolaforest agaric, sylvan agaric, woodland agaricus, woods agaricus, sylvan mushroom, wood mushroom
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Forests and woodlands
Agaricus subrutilescenswine-colored agaric, wine-colored agaricus, woolly-stemmed agaricus, woolly-stem
Agaricus vaporariusclustered mushroom