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Aira caryophylleasilver hairgrass
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington and east in the Columbia River Gorge; British Columbia to California, east to Idaho and Wyoming, also in the southeastern U.S. and northeastern North America.
Habitat: Balds, prairies, meadows, forest openings, roadsides, wastelots, and other open areas at low to middle elevations.
Origin: Introduced Eurasia and North Africa
Flowers: May-August
Growth Duration: annual
var. caryophyllea – silver hairgrass
Aira elegansdelicate hairgrass
Origin: Introduced
Aira praecoxearly silver-hair grass
Distribution: Occurring chiefly west of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia south to California; Nova Scotia south to Virginia in eastern North America.
Habitat: Gravelly prairies, sea bluffs and dunes near the coast, also in other disturbed, open areas at low elevations.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: April-September
Growth Duration: annual