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Alectoria imshaugii
Description: Thallus shrubby to sub-pendent, pale greenish-yellow, 5-8 cm. in length, isidiate
Distribution: Washington; Oregon, north coastal California, Idaho, Montana; British Columbia, Alberta.
Habitat: Exposed areas.
Substrate: On conifers, especially pines.
Alectoria lata
Description: Thallus shrubby to sub-pendent, forming tufts, pale yellowish-green, sometimes with black streaks near base, 5-8 cm in length; apothecia brown disks 2-4 mm in diameter, usually abundant.
Distribution: Washington; Oregon, north coastal California.
Habitat: High-altitude montane forest.
Substrate: On conifers, esp. pine; On soil or rock.
Alectoria nigricans
Description: Thallus shrubby, erect or tangled, pinkish-grey to black, branch tips us. black; apothecia large, brown and infrequent.
Distribution: Washington; Alaska, northern Idaho, western Montana, disjunct in Colorado, New Mexico; British Columbia, northern Canada.
Habitat: Tundra.
Substrate: Soil, sometimes on low branches and shrubs.
Alectoria sarmentosa
Description: Thallus pendent, pale yellowish-green; branches sometimes flattened at axils; apothecia brown.
Distribution: Washington; Oregon, northern California, northern Idaho, western Montana, southern Alaska, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire; British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec.
Habitat: Cool coastal areas and moist inland sites.
Substrate: On conifers.
Alectoria vancouverensis
Description: Thallus pendent, greyish yellow-green;
Distribution: Washington; Oregon, northern California; British Columbia.
Habitat: Cool coastal areas.
Substrate: On conifers.