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Amanita apricaJan's yellow friend
Habitat: Locally abundant in mixed conifer forests, particularly with Douglas-fir and occasionally occurs with conifers in urban areas.
Amanita augustayellow-veiled Amanita, western yellow-veil
Amanita calyptrodermaBallen's American Caesar, fall coccora
Amanita constrictaconstricted grisette
Amanita farinosapowder-cap Amanita
Amanita fulva
Habitat: Northern forests.
Substrate: Soil.
Amanita gemmata
Spores: Late spring or early summer
Amanita muscariafly Agaric, fly Amanita
Distribution: Broad
Amanita novinuptablusher
Amanita ocreatadeath angel, destroying angel
Amanita pachycoleawestern grisette
Amanita pantherina
Distribution: Broad
Amanita phalloidesdeath-cap, deathcap
Amanita porphyriabooted Amanita, gray-veil Amanita, grey veiled Amanita, purple brown Amanita, purplish Amanita
Habitat: Conifer forests
Amanita silvicolawestern woodland Amanita
Habitat: It occurs in conifer and mixed woods and has been reported with a variety of tree hosts including alder.
Substrate: Leaf litter and soil
Amanita smithianaSmith's Amanita
Amanita vaginatagrisette