amaranth, pigweed
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Amaranthus albuswhite pigweed, tumbleweed
Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in Washington; widely distributed throughout much of North America.
Habitat: Dry, disturbed areas.
Origin: Introduced from tropical America
Flowers: June-September
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus blitoidesmatweed, prostrate pigweed
Distribution: Introduced in the Pacific Northwest; more common east of the Cascades
Habitat: Dry, disturbed areas
Origin: Introduced from central United States
Flowers: June - September
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus blitumlivid amaranth, pale amaranth
Origin: Introduced from the tropics
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus californicusCalifornia amaranth
Origin: Native
Flowers: July - October
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus caudatus
Origin: Introduced
Amaranthus cruentusblood amaranth, caterpillar amaranth, purple amaranth
Origin: Probably introduced from cultivation in Central America
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus deflexusArgentina amaranth
Origin: Introduced
Amaranthus hybridusgreen amaranth, hybrid amaranth, smooth amaranth, green pigweed, smooth pigweed
Distribution: Found in much of the United States, but uncommon in the Pacific Northwest; collected in Whitman County
Habitat: Dry areas, disturbed sites, agricultural fields.
Origin: Introduced from riparian zones in eastern North America
Flowers: July - September
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Origin: Introduced
Amaranthus powelliigreen amaranth, Powell's amaranth
Distribution: Introduced in much of the United States; common in the Pacific Northwest
Habitat: Disturbed areas
Origin: Introduced from the southwestern United States and Mexico
Flowers: July - October
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus retroflexusredroot pigweed, rough pigweed
Distribution: In scattered locations throughout Washington, but more commonly east of the Cascade crest; widely distributed throughout much of North America.
Habitat: Disturbed areas.
Origin: Introduced from eastern and central North America
Flowers: July-October
Growth Duration: annual
Amaranthus tuberculatusrough-fruited waterhemp, tall waterhemp
Distribution: Cosmopolitan weed found throughout North America.
Habitat: Moist or wet disturbed areas, particularly in association with agriculture or roadsides.
Origin: Introduced from the Great Plains of the central United States
Flowers: April-June
Growth Duration: annual