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Ampulloclitocybe avellaneoalbasmoky-brown clitocybe, smoky-brown funnel
Description: Has a cap that is flat, becoming depressed or funnel-shaped with age, with a margin that often remains incurved. The surface is smooth to slightly scaly at the center, dark olive-brown to blackish brown. The fills are white to cream and strongly decurrent. The stem is smooth and pale cap-colored.
Habitat: woodlands
Substrate: conifers or broadleaf trees, especially alder
Ampulloclitocybe clavipesclub-footed clitocybe, club-foot
Description: Has a cap that is umbonate at first, but becomes flat and often depressed to funnel-shaped with age. The surface is smooth and variously reddish brown to olive-brown or gray-brown. The fills are white, cream, or pale yellow and strongly decurrent. The stem is buff to gray-brown, smooth, and typically grossly swollen and darker at the base.
Habitat: wiidkabds
Substrate: conifers, occasionally with broadleaf trees