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Cantharellus cascadensis
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Moist woodland environments
Cantharellus formosusgolden chanterelle, Pacific chanterelle, Pacific golden chanterelle, yellow chanterelle
Description: The species epithet formosus means “finely formed” or “beautiful” and this certainly is descriptive of many of our golden chanterelles. The fruitbodies are often large for a chanterelle, and have a dull orange to brownish orange cap that readily bruises brownish and often is finely scaly. The fertile ridges often are deep and relatively thin; they are usually pale orange-yellow but may have a pinkish cast. The stipe usually is fairly slender and tapered downward.
Distribution: Broad Abundant through moist portions
Habitat: Moist ground
Cantharellus roseocanusrainbow chanterelle
Distribution: Western Moist, coastal or mountain environments
Habitat: It seems to be associated primarily with spruce, occurring with Sitka spruce and shore pine near the coast and with Engelmann spruce in the mountains.
Cantharellus subalbiduswhite chanterelle
Distribution: Western Forests containing Douglas-fir and hemlock
Habitat: Favor old-growth forests