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Cheilymenia fimicolaeyelash dung cup
Description: The genus Cheilymenia is characterized by small, stipe-less, flattened saucers bearing conspicuous (under a handlens) eyelash hairs and growing on dung, rich soil, plant debris, or other materials. It appears to be closely related to Aleuria. C. fimicola (= C. coprinaria (Cooke) Boudier) is one of the dung-dwellers, occurring on cow-pies as well as the droppings of wild animals. When fresh the fruitbodies are reddish orange, then they lighten to yellowish orange in age; the hairs are brownish, and all are unbranched.
Distribution: Worldwide
Substrate: dung, manure, or compost
Spores: spring, summer, and fall
Cheilymenia stercorea
Description: Cheilymenia stercorea occurs on mammal dung, and has branched brownish hairs near the base of the cup.
Cheilymenia theleboloides
Description: Cheilymania theleboloides occurs on rotting plant remains, or horse manure and straw; its cups have whitish hairs and are more yellow.
Substrate: rotting plant remains, or horse manure and straw