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Clavulina amethystinaviolet-branched coral
Clavulina cinereagray coral, ashy coral mushroom
Description: Clavulina cristata has lilac-grayish coloration, wrinkled branched, and less developed branching.
Clavulina coralloidescrested coral, wrinkled coral, white-crested coral fungus
Description: Clavulina coralloides forms fruitbodies that are repeatedly branched. When young, the branches are dull whitish and crested or feathery at the tips, but with age the branches may become gray-tinted and the tips more rounded. The surface may be smooth or wrinkled, and the white, brittle flesh is normally solid.
Habitat: Woodlands
Clavulina rugosawrinkled coral
Description: C. rugosa has white, wrinkled (rugose) branches and only limited branching, especially at the tips.