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Cortinarius acutus
Distribution: C. acutus occurs in nutrient-poor conifer forests, often on moist sites in litter, and can be found throughout the north temperate regions.
Cortinarius alboviolaceussilvery-violet Cortinarius, pearly webcap
Cortinarius aurantiobasis
Habitat: C. aurantiobasis tends to occur in wetter habitats with conifers, often near western hemlock and/or Sitka spruce, and frequently among sphagnum or other mosses.
Cortinarius callisteustawny webcap
Cortinarius calochrous
ssp. coniferarum – beautiful Cortinarius
Cortinarius camphoratusgoatcheese webcap
Cortinarius caperatusgypsy, gypsy mushroom
Distribution: Common in certain years in the PNW, but becomes less abundant inland and to the south
Cortinarius cinnamomeuscinnamon Cort, cinnamon webcap
Cortinarius clandestinus
Habitat: Western conifer forests, extending from lower elevations into the higher mountains
Cortinarius collinitusbelted slimy Cortinarius
Cortinarius crassusstout webcap
Cortinarius croceus
Distribution: Common and widespread
Habitat: C. croceus occurs throughout north temperate forests and into alpine and arctic areas. It grows with various conifers, as well as hardwoods including beech, birch, and willow.
Cortinarius cupreorufuscopper-red webcap
Cortinarius cyanitesblushing webcap
Cortinarius decipienssepia webcap
Cortinarius everniussilky webcap
Cortinarius gentilisdeadly Cortinarius, goldband webcap
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: C. gentilis has a broad ecological range, occurring in moist environments as well as drier, upland conifer sites. During the summer in the western mountains it can be very common, often fruiting in groups, sometimes from well rotted woody debris.
Cortinarius glaucopusbulbous Cortinarius, blue-foot webcap
Cortinarius hinnuleusearthy webcap
Cortinarius infractussooty olive Cortinarius, bitter webcap
Cortinarius iodesspotted Cort, viscid violet Cort
Cortinarius lanigerbrown Cortinarius, hoary webcap, woolly webcap
Distribution: Widespread, but variable in its fruiting, in some years being rather common and in others being absent.
Habitat: C. laniger is characteristic of boreal and montane conifer forests.
Cortinarius montanus
Distribution: Cortinarius montanus can be very common and widespread, but often occurs as one or a few fruitbodies at a time.
Habitat: Common in older, cool, moist conifer forests.
Cortinarius mucifluusslimy webcap
Cortinarius mucosusslimy Cortinarius, orange webcap
Cortinarius muscigenus
Distribution: C. muscigenus varies in abundance from year to year, and in some seasons can be very common.
Habitat: mid- to high elevation conifer forests
Cortinarius mutabilispurple-staining Cortinarius
Habitat: Occurs in a variety of habitats with different conifers and is more frequent in moist areas. Most commonly found along the coast, especially with Sitka spruce.
Cortinarius neosanguineusblood-red Cortinarius, northern red-dye, blood-red webcap
Cortinarius olympianus
Distribution: Varies in abundance from year to year
Habitat: Low to mid-elevation conifer forests
Cortinarius pallidifoliuspale Cortinarius
Cortinarius percomisfragrant Cortinarius
Cortinarius pluvius
Origin: Native
Cortinarius pseudobulliardoides
Distribution: Northern hemisphere.
Habitat: Coniferous forests, under Abies, Picea, Pinus and Tsuga.
Substrate: Soil.
Cortinarius purpurascensbruising webcap
Cortinarius rubellusdeadly webcap
Cortinarius salor
Habitat: C. salor is found in a wide range of forest types
Cortinarius smithiiwestern red-capped Cortinarius, western red-dye
Cortinarius subtortusincense webcap
Cortinarius talushoney webcap
Cortinarius traganuspungent Cort, lilac conifer Cortinarius, gassy webcap
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Abundant in the far-western mountane and boreal regions, but is much less frequent in the Rocky Mountains.
Cortinarius trivialisearly Cortinarius
Cortinarius vanduzerensispointed Cortinarius
Distribution: Common
Habitat: Coastal conifer forests from northern California to southern Canada.
Cortinarius variicolorcontrary webcap
Cortinarius variosimilis
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Western North America, occurring both in Rocky Mountain spruce-fir forests and the forests of the Cascades and coastal ranges.
Cortinarius vibratilis
Habitat: Common in conifer forests
Cortinarius violaceusviolet Cort, violet Cortinarius, violet webcap
Distribution: In some years it is difficult to find but in general it is commonly encountered, but usually in small numbers.
Habitat: Widespread in older forests in PNW region, but much less common in the interior mountains than nearer the coast.