squirreltail, wheatgrass, wild-rye
Sitanion [HC]
16 species
10 subspecies and varieties
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Elymus albicansMontana wild rye
Origin: Native
Elymus canadensisCanadian wild rye
Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to California, east to Quebec, North Carolina and Texas
Habitat: Streambanks and thickets on sandy, dry to moist soil, and in disturbed areas.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June-August
var. canadensis – Canadian wild rye, nodding wild rye
Elymus curvatusbeardless wild rye, awnless wildrye
Origin: Native
Elymus elymoidesbottlebrush, squirreltail
Distribution: British Columbia south to southern California, east to Alberta and Texas.
Habitat: Dry and rocky to moist habitats, from along the coast to inland desert plains and prairies, and in the mountains to above tree line.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - July
ssp. brevifolius – longleaf squirreltail
ssp. elymoides – bottlebrush squirreltail, California squirreltail
ssp. hordeoides – bottlebrush squirreltail
Elymus glaucusblue wild-rye
Distribution: Southern Alaska south to California, east to Ontario and Indiana.
Habitat: Prairies, open woods, and dry to moist hillsides, from the lowlands to mid-elevations in the mountains.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - August
ssp. glaucus – blue wildrye
ssp. virescens – blue wildrye
Elymus ×hansenii
Origin: Native
Elymus hirsutusboreal wild rye
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - August
Elymus lanceolatus
Origin: Native
ssp. lanceolatus – thick-spiked wheatgrass
ssp. psammophilus – sand-dune wheatgrass
ssp. riparius – stream bank wheatgrass
Elymus multisetusbig squirreltail
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - August
Elymus ×pseudorepensfalse quackgrass
Origin: Native
Elymus repenscreeping wild rye
Distribution: Native to Eurasia; Alaska to Greenland and south to California, Texas, and North Carolina.
Habitat: Disturbed, open areas.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: June-August
Elymus scribneriScribner's wild rye
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - August
Elymus sierraeSierra wheatgrass
Origin: Native
Elymus trachycaulusslender wheatgrass
Origin: Native
ssp. trachycaulus – bearded wheatgrass
Elymus violaceusarctic wheatgrass, bearded wheatgrass
Origin: Native
Elymus wawawaiensiswawawai wild rye
Origin: Native