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Gilia capitatabluehead gilia, globe gilia
Distribution: Occurring chiefly west of the Cascades in Washington, but also in the Columbia River Gorge; Vancouver Island, British Columbia south to California, east to Idaho.
Habitat: Dry, open areas at lower elevations.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June-July
Growth Duration: Annual
ssp. capitata – bluefield gilia, globe gilia
Gilia inconspicuashy gily-flower
Distribution: East of the Cascades in Washington; Washington south to California, east to Idaho, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Habitat: Rocky and sandy open areas in sagebrush desert.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-June
Growth Duration: Annual
Gilia sinuatashy gilia, sinuate gilia, rosy gily-flower
Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in Washington; Washington to southeast California, east to Idaho and Wyoming.
Habitat: Dry, open, and usually sandy places in the foothills and plains.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-July
Growth Duration: Annual