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Gymnopilus aeruginosusmagic blue Gym
Gymnopilus bellulus
Distribution: Europe to North America
Habitat: Conifer logs and stumps
Gymnopilus junoniusfiery agaric, big laughing gym, giant gymnopilus, big laughing mushroom, spectacular rustgill
Gymnopilus luteofoliusgolden-gilled Gymnopilus
Gymnopilus penetranssmall yellow Gymnopilus, common rustgill
Distribution: Common and widespread
Habitat: On conifer and hardwood including stumps, logs, wood chips, and sawdust.
Gymnopilus punctifoliusblue-green flamecap
Gymnopilus sapineusfir flamecap, common and boring Gymnopilus, spruce Gymnopilus, scaly rustgill
Gymnopilus ventricosusjumbo Gym, giant Gymnopilus, big laughing mushroom
Habitat: Rotting logs, snags, or stumps