Phlegmariurus [FNA2]
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Huperzia continentalisalpine firmoss
Distribution: In the Olympics and Cascades mountains in Washington; primarily Alaska to Washington, east to Montana; also in Wyoming and Colorado, scattered across northern Canada and on Greenland.
Habitat: Subalpine and alpine meadows, heath, and rocky slopes. Usually at high elevations.
Origin: Native
Growth Duration: perennial
Huperzia miyoshianafir clubmoss
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to northwest Oregon, east to Idaho and western Montana; also in eastern Asia.
Habitat: Moist, brushy talus slopes, edges of coniferous forests, or mossy rocks, from middle elevations to the subalpine.
Origin: Native
Growth Duration: perennial
Huperzia occidentaliswestern clubmoss
Distribution: Coastal ranges from SE Alaska and SW Yukon south to Oregon; also in SE British Columbia, northern Idaho, and northwest Montana. Not found outside North America. In Washington, found from the west side of the Cascades west to the coast.
Habitat: In shaded conifer forest, usually where moist such as along streams and in depressions; rooted on decaying logs, duff, or soil. Low to mid elevations.
Origin: Native
Growth Duration: perennial