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Inocybe albodiscawhite-disc fibre-head
Distribution: I. albodisca has been reported from throughout the forested PNW, south to California, and east to New England
Inocybe assimilata
Habitat: I. assimilata is widespread in North America, Europe, and temperate Asia.
Inocybe calamistratagreen-foot fibre-head, green-foot fibrecap, scaly Inocybe
Inocybe chelanensis
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Occurs in the Northwest American mountains in spring and early summer, often near melting snow
Inocybe flocculosafleecy fibrecap
Inocybe fraudanspear fibrecap, fragrant Inocybe
Inocybe fuscodiscablack nipple fiberhead, black nipple Inocybe
Inocybe geophyllawhite fibrecap, little white Inocybe
Inocybe griseolilacinalilac leg fibrecap
Inocybe jacobipineling fibrecap
Inocybe laceratorn fibre-head, torn fibrecap
Inocybe lanuginosawoolly Inocybe
Distribution: Fairly common in the PNW
Habitat: Occurs more frequently west of the Cascade crest
Inocybe lilacinalilac fiberhead, lilac fibrecap, lilac Inocybe
Inocybe maculatafrosty fibrecap
Inocybe mixtilisblond hairy Inocybe
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Pacific Coast, Montana, eastern North America, and Europe.
Inocybe olympiana
Habitat: West-side old-growth forests.
Inocybe petiginosascurfy fibrecap
Inocybe pusio
Distribution: The distributions of I. pusio and the other lilac-stiped species are not well known, in part because of the differing interpretations of the taxa.
Habitat: near hardwoods and conifers
Inocybe rimosastraw-colored fibre-head, split fibrecap, deadly Inocybe
Distribution: Broad
Inocybe sororiapungent fiberhead, corn silk Inocybe
Inocybe vaccina
Distribution: Rare
Inocybe whiteiblushing fiberhead, blushing fibrecap, blushing Inocybe