Apargidium [HC]
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2 subspecies and varieties
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Microseris bigeloviicoast microseris, coastal silverpuffs
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - June
Microseris borealisapargidium, bog microseris, northern silverpuffs
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington; southern Alaska south to northern California.
Habitat: Sphagnum bogs and wet meadows in the mountains.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June-August
Microseris laciniatacut-leaved microseris
Distribution: Washington to California, from the eastern foothills of the Cascades to the coast.
Habitat: Usually in fairly moist meadows.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - July
ssp. laciniata – cutleaf microseris, cut leaved scorzonella
ssp. leptosepala – cut-leaved silverpuffs, cutleaf silverpuffs
Microseris nutansnodding microseris, nodding scorzonella, nodding silverpuffs
Distribution: Occurring chiefly east of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia to California, east to the Rocky Mountains and northern Great Plains.
Habitat: Slopes, meadows, flats, and forest openings,often in somewhat moist places, from low to middle elevations.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-July