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Oxybasis chenopodioideslow goosefoot, red goosefoot
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - August
Oxybasis glaucaglaucous goosefoot, oakleaf goosefoot
Distribution: Occurring along the southern border east of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska south to California, east across the northern half of North America to the Atlantic Coast.
Habitat: Open, sometimes disturbed, areas, often where soil is alkaline or saline.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June-August
ssp. glauca – oak-leaf goosefoot
ssp. salina – Rocky Mountain goosefoot
Oxybasis macrospermalarge seed goosefoot
Origin: Introduced
Oxybasis rubrared goosefoot
Distribution: Widely distributed, British Columbia to Newfoundland, south across the United States.
Habitat: Moist, saline soils.
Origin: Both native and introduced
Flowers: July - October
var. humilis – marshland goosefoot
var. rubra – red goosefoot