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Pholiota astragalinabitter Pholiota, pinkish-orange Pholiota, conifer scaly-cap
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Occurs widely in the temperate and boreal areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
Pholiota aurivellagolden Pholiota, golden scaly-cap, golden scalycap
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Northern temperate and boreal forests
Pholiota carbonariaburnt-ground Pholiota, charcoal scalecap, charcoal scaly-cap
Pholiota flammansflaming Pholiota, yellow Pholiota, flaming scaly-cap
Pholiota highlandensisbonfire scaly-cap
Pholiota limonellalemon-yellow Pholiota
Pholiota populneadestructive Pholiota, poplar Pholiota
Pholiota spumosaslender Pholiota
Pholiota squarrosoidesbristly Pholiota
Pholiota subflavidapointed Pholiota
Pholiota terrestrisground Pholiota, terrestrial Pholiota