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Ramaria abietinagreen-staining coral
Distribution: It occurs across the U.S. and Canada and also in Europe and Asia.
Ramaria acrisiccescensblah coral
Habitat: It occurs throughout the conifer forests of the PNW.
Ramaria amyloideapale peach rusty-root
Ramaria apiculata
var. apiculata – green-tipped coral
Ramaria araiospora
Distribution: Restricted to the PNW.
var. araiospora – carmine coral, light red coral
var. rubella – crimson coral
Ramaria botrytiscauliflower coral, clustered coral, wine-tipped coral, pink-tipped coral mushroom
Ramaria celerivirescensgold rusty-root
Ramaria cyaneigranosa
var. cyaneigranosa – pink coral
var. elongata – pink pencils
var. persicina – peach fan
Ramaria cystidiophora
var. citronella – lemon fuzzy-foot
var. cystidiophora – fuzzy-footed coral, fuzzy-foot
var. fabiolens – beany fuzzy-foot
Ramaria formosayellow-tipped coral
Ramaria gelatinosa
var. oregonensis – gelatinous coral, Oregon gelatinous coral, gelatinous coral mushroom
Ramaria largentiigolden coral, Largent's coral
Ramaria leptoformosaslim formosa
Ramaria longisporaformosetta
Ramaria maculatipesformosa stainer
Ramaria magnipes
Habitat: Occurs mostly in the mountains east of the Cascade crest.
var. magnipes – big-base goldie
Ramaria rasilispora
var. scatesiana – Kit's creamy coral
Ramaria rubiginosayellow winey-base
Ramaria rubribrunnescenssweet formosa stainer
Ramaria rubricarnata
Origin: Native
Ramaria rubrievanescenspale pinky
Ramaria rubripermanensperma pinky
Ramaria sandaracina
var. chondrobasis – fused orange clump
var. euosma – sweet orange clump
Ramaria stricta
var. stricta – straight coral, straight-branched coral, upright coral, strict coral mushroom
Ramaria velocimutanswhite rusty-root
Ramaria vinosimaculanspale winey-base