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Russula adustawinecork brittlegill
Distribution: Western
Habitat: Conifer forests
Russula aerugineagreen brittlegill, grass-green Russula, tacky green Russula
Russula albonigrablack and white Russula, blackening Russula, integrated Russula
Russula americanaAmerican Russula
Russula basifurcatapale cap Russula
Russula bicolorbicolored Russula
Russula brevipesshort-stemmed Russula
Distribution: Broad, common
Russula cascadensisCascade Russula
Russula cessanstardy brittlegill
Russula chamaeleontinasmall yellow Russula
Russula crassotunicata
Habitat: Old-growth forests
Substrate: Well rotted wood
Russula cremoricolorcreamy Russula
Russula crenulata
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: All variety of forests with both conifers and hardwoods
Russula decoloranscopper brittlegill, graying Russula
Russula densifoliacrowded brittlegill, reddening Russula
Russula dissimulansred and black Russula
Russula emeticaemetic Russula, the sickener
Russula flavicepsyellow cap Russula
Russula foetensstinking brittlegill
Russula fragilisfragile brittlegill, fragile Russula
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Near or well-rotted wood
Russula griseagrey Russula
Russula heterophyllagreasy green brittlegill
Russula laurocerasialmond-scented Russula
Distribution: Western
Russula lilacealilac brittlegill
Russula nigricansblackening brittlegill, blackening Russula
Distribution: Broad Widespread in Northern Hemisphere
Russula occidentaliswestern Russula
Distribution: Broad, common
Habitat: Conifer forests
Russula olivaceaolive brittlegill, rainbow Russula, tan-colored Russula
Russula parazureapowdery brittlegill, blue Russula
Russula pelargoniaPelargonium brittlegill
Russula placitapleasing Russula
Russula sanguinariabloody brittlegill, rosy Russula
Russula stuntzii
Distribution: Coastal Pacific Coast, from British Columbia to California
Habitat: Conifer forests, on or near rotting wood
Russula xerampelinacrab brittlegill, shrimp mushroom, shrimp Russula
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Variety of forest types