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Stropharia aeruginosaverdigris roundhead, blue-green Stropharia
Stropharia ambiguaquestionable Stropharia
Distribution: Confined to the PNW, including northern California.
Habitat: Primarily in forest habitats on soil and leaf litter.
Stropharia caeruleablue roundhead
Stropharia hornemanniiluxuriant ringstalk, conifer roundhead, lacerated Stropharia
Distribution: It is widespread in the north temperate and boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere
Habitat: It sometimes occurs on intact conifer logs, but is most abundant on wood that has been more highly decomposed.
Stropharia kauffmaniiKauffman's Stropharia
Stropharia rugosoannulataking Stropharia, wine-cap Stropharia, wine-red Stropharia
Stropharia umbonatescensumbonate dung-dwelling Stropharia