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Affiliation: Volunteered extensively with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center (see plastic article under credentials) and a small amount with ORCA which is a program for high school students at Everett Community College


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Background: M.S. Zoology, UC Berkeley M.A. Management Science and Engineering, Worcester, MA Most recent publication is "Plastic in surface waters of the Inside Passage and beaches of the Salish Sea in Washington State" Davis and Murphy, 2015, Marine Pollution Bulletin I am thrice retired: Once as a Navy pilot, once as a biologist who managed the environmental studies for what is now Energy Northwest when they were building 5 nuclear plants, and finally as Director of Quality for high-tech manufacturing at Leviton. My knowledge of plants is largely self taught. Photography is a hobby. Education is wasted on the young. Even though retired I have been attending 3 or 4 biology classes a year at UW since 2010.

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