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Amanita porphyria
booted Amanita, gray-veil Amanita, grey veiled Amanita, purple brown Amanita, purplish Amanita

Habitat: Conifer forests

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Amanita porphyria can be found in our conifer forests during the latter part of summer and into fall. It is medium-sized with a gray to gray-brown cap with violet or reddish gray tones. Usually there are small, grayish warts or patches of veil tissue on the cap surface and around the margin of the distinctly bulbous stipe base. The gills are white to grayish and darken when bruised, and the stipe is whitish above the ring and below it covered with grayish or grayish violet fibrils. The partial veil leaves a thin gray ring that may collapse onto the stipe. The odor is said to resemble that of raw potatoes or radish. A. porphyria often can be found in mid-August with A. gemmata and A. franchetii in established conifer forests.

Accepted Name:
Amanita porphyria Fr.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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