Arnica chamissonis
leafy arnica, meadow arnica, narrowleaf arnica, silvery arnica, leafy leapordbane

Distribution: Occurring both sides of the Cascades, including the northeastern corner of Washington; Alaska to California, east to the Rocky Mountains, east across Canada to the Atlantic Coast.

Habitat: Meadows and wet places from middle elevations to the subalpine.

Flowers: June-September

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Perennial from long, naked rhizomes; stems solitary, 2-10 dm. tall; herbage variously pubescent, becoming glandular above.


Leaves opposite, sessile, 5-10 pairs, only slightly reduced upward; leaves lanceolate to oblanceolate, entire or slightly toothed, 5-30 cm. long and 1-4 cm. wide.


Heads several, the involucre 8-12 mm. high, the herbaceous bracts sub-equal, usually obtuse, with a tuft of long, white hairs; ray flowers pale yellow, usually 13, pistillate, 1.5-2 cm. long; disk flowers yellow, perfect; pappus somewhat tawny, barbellate.


Achene with short hairs, somewhat glandular.

Accepted Name:
Arnica chamissonis Less.
Publication: Linnaea. 6: 238. 1831.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. chamissonis [HC]
Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire [HC]
Arnica chamissonis Less. ssp. incana (A. Gray) Maguire
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. andina (Nutt.) Ediger & T.M. Barkl.
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. chamissonis
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. foliosa (Nutt.) Maguire [HC]
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. incana (A. Gray) Hultén [HC]
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. interior Maguire [HC]
Arnica chamissonis Less. var. maguirei (A. Nels.) Maguire [HC]
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