Page authors: Don Knoke, David Giblin
Arnica discoidea
rayless arnica, rayless leopardbane

Distribution: Occurring in the Cascades Mountains of Klickitat and Skamania counties in Washington; Washington to California, east to Nevada.

Habitat: Forest openings from middle elevations to the subalpine.

Flowers: June-August

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Perennial from long rhizomes, the stems mostly solitary, 2-5 dm. tall, glandular-puberulent and more or less long-hairy.


Long-petiolate, deltoid or sub-cordate basal leaves commonly on separate short shoots; cauline leaves 2-4 pairs, reduced upward, petiolate, ovate, 4-8 cm. long and 1.5-5 cm. wide, irregularly toothed, with long, soft hairs on both sides, pale beneath.


Heads usually several, rayless; involucre 11-13 mm. high, with hairs and stalked glands throughout.

Identification Notes:

The similar rayless Arnica parryi has narrower leaves and the heads are nodding in bud.